Tandoori Avocado on Toast

Tandoori Avocado on Toast

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Avocado on toast is one of my favourite breakfasts. And, Tandoori Chicken one of my favourite dinners.

I never thought the two could somehow be combined!

When I was mixing various recipes and ingredient combinations, the one thing I knew was that I wanted to create a Tandoori paste that went beyond being a marinade for chicken. I wanted something that would make a gravy or an XO sauce-ish thing that could be added everywhere. And, when we created our Tandoori paste I was quite proud of the fact that it tasted great even when eaten right out of the bottle.

What I did not think of was smearing some Tandoori paste on toast.

The idea first came to me when one of our customers sent in a review. She said, "This stuff is amazing. We have it on everything. We bought a jar home from the markets and it didn't last long. Turns out my husband and son have been spreading it on toast. Huge fan."

It was a bit of a lightbulb moment. So much so that I changed the text we had on our labels to say that it tasted great on toast.

And then, another of our regular customers sent in a picture. Accompanied with it were the words, "My new fav combo is tandoori avo toast. Life-changing!"

I had to try out this combination the next morning itself. And I agree, if you're an Avocado on Toast person, this addition will be make your breakfast 10x more delicious. Give it a try?


  • 2 slices toast bread
  • 1 small ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp Dolly Mumma Tandoori Paste
  • Pinch of crushed sea salt
  • Pepper to taste
  • Optional: 2 strips fried bacon, 2-4 cherry tomatoes halved with 1 tsp Dolly Mumma Spiced Ghee
  • Optional: 1 tbsp cottage cheese


  • Peel your avocado and remove into a small bowl. Mash the avocado with the back of your fork into a smooth-ish pulp. Sprinkle in the crushed sea salt and pepper and mix together
  • Toast your bread slices in the popup toaster - I like them crispy and quite brown for this one
  • While your toast is cooking, in a small pan add in the Spiced Ghee. Toss in the bacon strips and fry until crispy on both sides. If you like, toss in the cherry tomatoes and allow them to soak up some of the bacon ghee
  • Now it's time to layer up! Spread a generous portion of the Tandoori Paste onto both your slices of toast
  • Spread the avocado on the toast and top it up with the bacon and cherry tomatoes
  • If you like cheese, add in the cottage cheese too
  • Either close the toasts to make an epic sandwich or enjoy avocado side up!

Tandoori Paste

Tandoori Paste


It's time to tandoori everything! Spicy, smoky and lip-smacking, our Tandoori Paste is the perfect addition to your meals, barbecue or otherwise.  Wheat free | Dairy free | 100% Vegetarian How to use Add yoghurt to make a marinade for chicken,… read more

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