Tandoori Rice Paper Rolls

Tandoori Rice Paper Rolls

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I love the idea of rice paper rolls.

They look delicate. They give you a delicious hint of what might be inside. Yet in most cases, they are woefully 'meh' when it comes to flavour (Unless, you smother them in sweet chilli sauce. A behaviour not quite appropriate at a dinner party lest you indicate you found the rolls ahem, lacking).

Let's not blame the dish though. What do you expect would happen if you stuff a bunch of grated vegetables into a thin roll?

This is why, I was delighted when my market friend Clare (who owns breakfast company, Te Atatu Toasted) told me about the twist she had put on her rice paper rolls recently. Clare had picked up a bottle of Dolly Mumma's Tandoori Paste from the Parnell Farmers Market where we have a regular stall. She's always coming up with innovative ideas in which you can use her delicious muesli and one such genius was her latest invention where she mixed in our Tandoori Paste and her muesli to finally create a rice paper roll that has some 'Oomph'.

Clare reports, "These are so good and so easy to make, I have been having them for lunch regularly since I created the recipe. I have also got better with all the practice at rolling the rice paper rolls!"

Not only do these rolls have moisture and flavour, they have the elusive texture from the muesli grains!

Pile of Tandoori Rice Paper Rolls on a black plate



  • Mix all ingredients (except the rice paper rolls) together in a bowl
  • Place dollops of the mix on each piece of rice paper. You will have enough for about 7 or 10 if you add the chicken, and wrap
  • Since the sauce is already in them, I don’t bother with any dipping sauce

This recipe was created by Clare Robinson, who owns Te Atatu Toasted Breakfast Cereals

Tandoori Paste

Tandoori Paste


It's time to tandoori everything! Spicy, smoky and lip-smacking, our Tandoori Paste is the perfect addition to your meals, barbecue or otherwise.  Wheat free | Dairy free | 100% Vegetarian How to use Add yoghurt to make a marinade for chicken,… read more

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