Three Years of Bawi Bride

Three Years of Bawi Bride

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It was as hard writing this post as it was writing my first one. Why? Because July 2016 marks three years of Bawi Bride.

They say if your business can last 999 days, then it can last a lifetime. And, while I can only pray that this will be true for me too, it definitely is worth a celebration if nothing else.


Given how much I love working with startups and reading about the startup movement in India, it has been ingrained into me to talk about “your story”. And, I am lucky to be one of the few that doesn’t have to really think too hard about this. Turns out, going from not being able to cook Parsi food to running a full-time Parsi catering service is quite the story. But for all of this, I have you to thank!

Bawi Bride Popup

Photo Credit: Varun Pitale

When I shared my very first post on why someone should follow me, I thought I was mad to be starting a blog on a subject I knew nothing about. When #BawaGroom urged me to send out that first mail promoting my weekend special, I thought he was mad. And, when JW Marriott invited me to host a 11 day Parsi Food Festival at their hotel, it was mad to believe we could do it. But we did and we sold out on top of that!

Bawi Bride at JW Marriott Sahar

There has always been a method to the madness of course and slowly with one Dhansak popup and one new invention at a time, we’ve managed to get this far. So, I’ll keep this short. None of this  – not the obsession with Dhansak, nor the lovely friends I have in the food world, nor all the professional goals I’ve managed to achieve -would have been possible without all of you, my team and my ever supporting family.

Bawi Bride Team

Thank you all for stopping by the blog and thank you for ordering from our kitchen. The past three years have been a whirlwind journey that I hope doesn’t end anytime soon!

We will complete 999 days at the end of this month and to celebrate this big milestone, I am having my very first giveaway on the blog. It’s going to be a signed copy of “The Art of Parsi Cooking” that launches at the end of the month by the very lovely Canadian blogger (and someone whose recipe experiments I follow closely) Niloufer Mavalvala. This book is only launching in the UK in July and the rest of us mortals are going to have to wait a while before we can get our hands on it. Which is what makes this giveaway so very special!

The Art of Parsi Cooking

How can you get your hands on Niloufer’s The Art of Parsi Cooking book?

  1. Think about your most favourite Parsi food item that you may have eaten or made and the story of why it’s so special to you
  2. If you have a recipe for this item (especially if it is an heirloom dish), hunt that down too
  3. Send in your story and the recipe to
  4. The dish with the most unique story will win the book. Not only that, I will also recreate the dish on the blog for everyone to revel in and if its as awesome as you then it will also be featured on the Bawi Bride Kitchen menu (with your permission of course).
  5. Last date for entries is 25th July, 2016.

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