Marble Patla

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Do you love making roti, naan or flatbreads at home? I do too.

But, rolling them out on the kitchen counter is always a pain. Often my dough sticks to the counter creating a mess. Or, if the dough has spices in it it's stains the counter.

Enter the Marble Patla.

Hand-carved in India out of a single piece of marble, the Patla is non-porous, natural and very durable. This means it doesn't stain or hold onto any food odors. The Marble Patla has a cool non-sticky surface which makes it perfect for rolling out the dough for your favourite roti, flatbreads or pizzas. 

Added bonus: When you're not using the Patla for your flatbreads it makes a great cheese board or serving platter too!

Product Dimensions: Size - 10 Inches Diameter | 2 inches Height. Comes with wooden finish rolling pin.

Buy the Marble Patla by itself or make your gift extra special by adding on the Spiced Ghee and Tandoori Paste. They can add a dollop of Tandoori paste into their roti dough and the Ghee will taste fabulous slathered on a freshly cooked roti, naan or flat bread.