Dolly Mumma Indian Cooking Classes

When I was new to cooking Indian food, I insisted that my mum share a detailed recipe with me. I was newly married and wanted to make Dhansak for my husband Rushad. I also wanted it to taste exactly like hers. I tried asking her a few different ways and each time I'd only end up with a list of ingredients!

It took a while for me to understand that Indian cooking is all about trusting your senses. I have learned that even though all the spices and ingredients can feel a bit overwhelming at first, Indian cooking is very forgiving.

I've now turned into my mother. At our classes I'll show you how to make the recipes from scratch but I recommend you take your own notes and make the food to suit your family's palate. 

I love learning and sharing food stories and promise that you will enjoy our classes. They come packed with jam-packed with value and lots of funny stories to keep you entertained.

It's time to go beyond butter chicken. Let's start now. 

Ticket details:

  • One pass allows entry for one device only though you're welcome to bring friends and family together and crowd around.
  • Our classes are LIVE only and your pass doesn't include a recording in case you're late or miss joining.
  • Recipes and ingredient lists are only shared for Cook with Me classes. Please take your own notes at our Demo classes.
  • Classes are priced based on whether they are demo style or cook along. Choose the one that works for you!
  • At each class we share a special $10 off code which is valid on the purchase of individual bottles with an order value above $55. The special code is only valid for 7 days after the class.
  • Online event details will be sent via email after you register.
  • We send event reminders but recommend you add the class to your calendar!

Upcoming Classes

Saturday 13 November | 11am NZT | $25 Cook with me class

Finally, our very first cook with me class is here and I'd love for you to join us! It's time to say goodbye to boring ol Eggs Benedict and Scrambled Eggs on Toast and say hello to spice and flavour.
There's so many delicious Indian dishes you can make with eggs that are simple and come together in minutes. My community, the Parsis simply love our eggs. So much so that I wrote my son a letter about life lessons he can learn from eggs and someone was even trying to sell a bedsheet that had eggs screen printed on them! But honestly, we love em because they are dee-licious!
In this fun cook with me class (which will also make you decent family lunch) we will learn:
  • Wafer per Eedu - Fritata made with leftover chips and eggs
  • Rajdhani Egg Curry - Egg curry served on India's classic Rajdhani train
A full ingredient list will be shared with you prior to the class and written recipes will follow after the class. To make sure everyone can follow along, the group size will be restricted to ten people. 

Saturday 20 November | 11am NZT | $10 Demo Style Class

When we think of India and rice together, we often just think of Biryani. But, great as Biryani is, there's hundreds of other ways that rice is cooked. I'm thinking Khichdi, Dahi Chawal and ofcourse, pulao. It is after all our staple meal.

For most Indians, rice is comfort food. Most are typically very light on the stomach and if you're a baby, it's often your first meal.And,what do you do if you have some leftover rice and a handful of ingredients in the fridge? You make a pulao ofcourse.

Join me in this demo class where I will teach you:

  • Moong Dal Khichdi
  • Dahi Chawal (Curd Rice)
  • Vegetable Pulao 

La La Lentils
Saturday 27 November | 11am NZT | $25 Cook with me class

Dal is one of the most magical and economical foods in the whole world. It's the Indian equivalent of grandma's soup and there's a dal for every season! Lentils are also extremely child friendly and one of the first foods introduced to Indian babies.

A handful of lentils, a few spices, and just a bit of TLC transforms into a pot of deliciousness that’s nutritious and feels like a warm hug. Just what we all need in lockdown. This is a cook with me class where we go nice and slow so you can cook alongside me and enjoy the delights with your family for lunch.

There is a reason why Dal is the single most made dish all across India. Join our class and discover why! 1.4 billion Indians can’t be wrong.

We will cover:

  • Tadka - what is it and what makes a great tadka
  • Chhole (Punjabi style chickpea curry)
  • Dhandar (Plain yellow dal)

A full ingredient list will be shared with you prior to the class and written recipes will follow after the class. To make sure everyone can follow along, the group size will be restricted to ten people.