Dolly Mumma Indian Cooking Classes

Image of Perzen Patel along with some spices. There's also a blackboard image that has the words $10 Cooking Classes

When I was new to cooking Indian food, I insisted that my mum share a detailed recipe with me. I was newly married and wanted to make Dhansak for my husband Rushad. I also wanted it to taste exactly like hers. I tried asking her a few different ways and each time I'd only end up with a list of ingredients!

It took a while for me to understand that Indian cooking is all about trusting your senses. I have learned that even though all the spices and ingredients can feel a bit overwhelming at first, Indian cooking is very forgiving.

I've now turned into my mother. At our classes I'll show you how to make the recipes from scratch but I recommend you take your own notes and make the food to suit your family's palate. 

I love learning and sharing food stories and promise that you will enjoy our classes. They come packed with jam-packed with value and lots of funny stories to keep you entertained.

It's time to go beyond butter chicken. Let's start now. 

Ticket details:

  • One pass allows entry for one device only though you're welcome to bring friends and family together and crowd around.
  • Our classes are LIVE only and your pass doesn't include a recording in case you're late or miss joining.
  • We believe that cooking Indian food is about trusting all your senses so while we show you how to make it step by step we don't share written recipes (much like our mothers!)
    Your special $10 off code is valid on the purchase of individual bottles with an order value above $55. The special code is only valid for 7 days after the class.
  • Online event details will be sent via email after you register.
  • We send event reminders but recommend you add the class to your calendar!

Schedule of classes for October

Dosa from scratch | Saturday 23 October | 11am NZT | Free

Say Vannakam to the humble dosa, the Indian crepe.There was a phase in my life in 2019 where I had dosa's every day. Every day I'd wake up, have a shower and go to my closest Udipi and have three Ghee Roast dosa's. That brunch is one of the few experiences from my hometown Mumbai, India that I really really miss. 

For the uninitiated dosa's are a south Indian dish and are the Indian version of the French crepe. You can stuff them, spice them, have them plain or fold them, either way they all taste delicious. It's the perfect Indian dish to learn because you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and like with pancakes, you can get the kids involved too.

In demo style free cooking class we cover:
1. Traditional Fermented Dosa Batter
2. Fresh Coconut Chutney
3. Spiced Potatoes

Biryani for President | Saturday 30 October | 11am NZT | $10

Originally invented in the Mughal courts of Delhi, Biryani was a dish reserved for royalty. It travelled from Delhi to Lucknow (Awadh) though in Lucknow, chefs prefer to call it a pulao. When the Mughals sent a Governor to the South, to set up a court in Hyderabad, the dish travelled with him and took on a new form. This was the creation of the tangier Hyderabadi Biryani, that's commonly available in New Zealand.

May-July this year when we were scaling Dolly Mumma operations, our local takeout's Biryani saved us! It was our favourite takeout meal. There's rice, meat, salad all in one meal - what's not to love!

In this class we will learn:
1. The perfect biryani marinade
2. Layering your biryani
3. Raita
4. Biryani extra's for the people you love most

Schedule of classes for November

  • Saturday 6 November | Around India with potatoes
  • Saturday 13 November | Bye Bye Eggs Benedict, Hello Masala Omelet
  • Saturday 20 November | Rice of India
  • Saturday 27 November | Masala Basics
  • More details of these classes will be released shortly.