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Your secret ingredient for cooking healthy, flavourful food that everyone in the family will love.

Proudly, a small family owned business

  • Made with love

    We put the time and care at our end to make 'cooking from scratch' easy at your end. Our spices are sourced locally. Each spice is dry-roasted to extract its full flavour before cooking our pastes to ensure they are safe to eat direct from the jar!

  • No hint of store-bought yuck

    We use recipes passed down to us through friends and family. My husband and I do all the cooking and packing. And importantly, our pastes are made in small batches using ingredients you'll identify. You won't have this lying around your fridge for long!

  • Make more than curry

    Our Indian flavours work in all your everyday meals. From a dahl to a prawn stir-fry, from saag paneer to a Sunday roast and from a light yoghurt dressing to a yummy curry, our pastes are versatile. How you use our pastes is your choice!

We were one of the chosen Highly Commended Finalists of 957 entries in NZ's biggest artisan food competition. That's award-winning enough for us!

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From my grandmother Dolly, I inherited a lifelong love for food.

Hearty, bursting with flavour, her food always tasted like a tight hug from home. If they can taste the love, they will love the taste, she taught us.

Our story

But, cooking Indian at home always felt tedious and hard.

What spices do I put and when? Curry powder or Garam Masala? Why does every dish need a tadka? It felt easier to get a takeaway.

It took moving back to India, starting a food blog and experimenting (many, many times) with spices to learn that when you have the basics right Indian cooking is simple!

Even better, Indian flavours can work with all my everyday meals. Especially when I have the right shortcuts.

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