Taste the love. Love the taste.

Taste the real India.


Taste the love. Love the taste.

Indian flavours. Everyday meals.


From my grandmother Dolly, I inherited a life-long love for food.

Hearty, bursting with flavour, the food she cooked for me always felt like a tight hug from home.

Despite this early introduction to great Indian flavours, when it came to cooking Indian at home, I was always intimidated. Which spices was I meant to dry roast and which worked best when added last? It felt easier to just get a takeaway.

It took moving back to India, starting a food blog and experimenting (many, many times) with spices to understand how to balance Indian flavours and cook a great meal. My most important lesson? A handful of Indian spices can make anything taste better, whether that's a curry or a spiced mayonnaise! My second lesson? Taking my time to prepare a handful of spice blends on an off day would cook me a week's worth of meals! Finally, I could cook meals like Dolly Mumma made, that too in a jiffy.

I want to share this magic with you.


  • I want everyone to try your Tandoori paste. It is divine!

  • Dolly Mumma's pastes are great for all your cooking. Very easy to use. I'm not a fan of spicy food but these pastes hit just the right spot and gave all my meals a wonderful flavour.

  • The best thing about Dolly Mumma is that all the hard work is done for you. They deliver beautifully balanced flavours every time and I love how versatile the whole range is!

  • Awesome, authentic tasting curry pastes that are full of flavour. They make everything you cook a little bit special. I won't buy supermarket pastes again!

  • Dolly Mumma is the absolute best. If you enjoy curries, this is the real deal. I have a bottle forever in my fridge!

  • Oh my God. Dolly Mumma's spiced ghee has transformed all my keto meals from boring to brilliant.

Taste the love.

Tandoori at home
Tandoori Chicken bowl

Love the Taste.

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