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  • Coastal Curry - Dolly Mumma
  • Coastal Curry - Dolly Mumma
  • Coastal Curry - Dolly Mumma
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Coastal Curry

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Serving Size

275 gm | Serves four to six people. One jar requires about 1kg of protein.


coconut, tomato, oil, chickpea flour, red chilli, cashew, peanut, curry powder, citric acid, poppy, sesame, cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt.
Allergens: contains cashew, sesame and peanut. May also contain traces of sulphites or gluten.


Store in fridge. Once open use within 15 days.

When my grandmother, Dolly Mumma, asked me what I wanted to inherit, I asked for a never-ending pot of her curry. Instead, she gave me her curry paste recipe to make, and share her curry for years to come. Zingy, coconut-y and spicy, like the curries of Mumbai. 

Wheat free | Dairy free | 100% Vegetarian

How to use
Stir in a kilo of protein and 500ml water to make curry for four. This paste makes the traditional Mumbai curry which is thinner (think Chicken Soup consistency). If you like a creamier gravy, add coconut milk instead. Or, use as a spread on pizza, pitas and quesadillas. Tastes great as a dip with chips and crudites too!