Tandoori Paste
Tandoori Paste
Tandoori Paste

Tandoori Paste

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Love all things tikka? Our tangy, spicy and smoky tandoori paste will be the perfect addition to your meals, barbecue or otherwise. 

Wheat free | Dairy free | 100% Vegetarian

Serving size

275 gm. When used as a marinade, one jar is sufficient for 1.5kg of protein.

How to use

Add yoghurt to make a marinade for chicken, fish, paneer or tofu. Flavour rice, mince and stir-fries by adding a few tbsp. 


canola oil, tomato, ginger, garlic, sugar, red chilli, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, dry mango powder, fenugreek and citric acid.


Keep refrigerated. Once open use within 15 days.


Tandoori Paste Nutritional Panel

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