Carrot Chutney by Dolly Mumma
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Carrot Chutney

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A sweet, sour and spicy medley of carrots, raisins and dates, traditionally served at the start of the meal at a Parsi Indian wedding. Our chutney is a party on the tongue. Even in India, this chutney is hard to find and it's taken us a lot of hunting and grandmother hustling to pry this recipe and perfect it.

Wheat free | Dairy free | 100% Vegetarian

Serving size

275 gm. Six servings.

How to use

Use as a spread in panini's or pita's, serve on top of crackers with crumbled feta, mix it into your soups, serve as an accompaniment to curry or enjoy by itself with some crudites.


Carrots, malt vinegar, jaggery, sugar, raisins, dates, garlic, red chilli, cloves, star anise, cinnamon and salt.


Store in a cool dry place. Use a clean, dry spoon every time.


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