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Desi Barbie Combo

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It's time to clean up those cobwebs on the barbie and get grilling! 

If you're looking to add bucket loads of flavour to your next barbecue meal, our Desi Barbie Combo is perfect. The combo includes:

1 x Tandoori

1 x Spiced Ghee

Use our smoky, spicy Tandoori Paste on chicken, red meat or vegetables. And the Ghee will work magic inside that garlic bread and paired with Salmon on the barbie.

Or, if you can't be bothered with the barbie at all, you can use them for a yummy roast with Tandoori marinated meat and sweetened, charred vegetables that were cooked in our Spiced Ghee.

No matter what you cook, we guarantee that using both of these together is going to make your next meal tasty-as!