Eastlife Magazine | Love in a jar

Founder of Dolly Mumma Perzen Patel photographed with her spice pastes

When people say "yes" to adventure it often changes the course of their lives. That's exactly what happened when 20-year-old Perzen Darukhanawalla flew out of Auckland, bound for Canada on a exchange programme in 2007. Rushad Patel did the same when he travelled from India at about the same time to study in Florida.

Through family connections, and as chance would have it, Perzen and Rushad met and romance flourished. Although separated by distance and circumstance they continued a long-distance relationship between India and New Zealand for five years while they established their careers.

Rushad eventually enticed the love of his life back to India in 2011 where the couple promptly and happily married. But, there was one problem for this Parsi couple - Perzen couldn't cook. Perzen's grandmother, Dolly Mumma and her famous curry legacy enters the story here. 

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