Quick Meal Combo

"Brilliant for those nights when you want something jazzy but can’t be bothered doing it yourself."

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As much as you (and I) love cooking when it comes to cooking for the entire family some days call for a shortcut. The days when the relentless-ness of it all gets to you. 

The word shortcut has a bad reputation when really it's an alternate, smarter way of doing things. Which is exactly what our Quick Meal Combo is.

Cooked from scratch and made with love solutions ready in your fridge for when you need a meal in a jiffy. The pack includes our three best-sellers:

1 x Tandoori Paste

1 x Cashew Korma

1 x Coastal Curry

All three work amazing as spreads inside your favourite pita or sandwich (perfect to jazz up that back-to-office lunch). All three also make you a mean curry or stir-fry. And, if you love a good roast, they will work for those too.

The hard work is done for you. You simply need to add the protein of your choice - whole chicken, mince, steak, paneer, cauliflower nuggets, you choose! - and voila, dinner is ready in under 30 minutes.


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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic jars of Goodness

I purchased three jars on a whim at Sunday GreyLynn markets. They are authentic, lots of flavour and most of all convenient. I am someone who is always on the run - they can make a meal in five minutes by cooking some chicken & rice. Great for lunches. Children friendly as they are not chilli hot rather lots of Mumma spice depth. Looking forward to ordering online. Highly recommend

Pony McTate
Quick, delicious and so convenient

Dolly Mumma’s jars of goodness are brilliant for those nights when you want something jazzy but can’t be bothered doing it yourself. I love how they’re so adaptable too. On toast? A pizza? A dip for chips? They’re all amazing and loved by everyone in the house, young and old. The tandoori is my particular fav.