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  • Dolly Mumma Starter Pack - Dolly Mumma
  • Dolly Mumma Starter Pack - Dolly Mumma
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Starter Pack

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Are you starting on the journey of going #BeyondButterChicken? Would you like to incorporate more Indian flavours and spice into your meals? Then, our starter pack is perfect for you. 

The pack includes:

1 x Indian Everyday 

1 x Coastal Curry

1 x Spiced Ghee

That's enough for a week's worth of dinners for a family! 

Use the Indian Everyday in your stir-fries or leftover rice or mix in coconut milk for a yummy curry. The Coastal Curry is a meal in a jar and all you need to do is add protein and water. Or, you could spread a tbsp onto your pita's and sandwiches and never get around to making the curry like some of our customers.

Finally, use our lightly flavoured nutritious ghee everywhere you'd normally use oil or butter! From scones to dahl to scrambled eggs, a teaspoon of ghee will add a creamy touch of flavour to all your meals.