Monthly Curry Fix

Easy pastes that help me make dinner super fast. Always have these bottles in the fridge!

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Are you already a flavour adventurer? Or perhaps you're a busy family that likes to have some 'emergency' meals in the fridge for those days where you want something easy that's not takeout. Or maybe you're looking for a special gift for your curry-lovin friend?

Our Monthly Curry Fix offers yummy shortcuts. Tasty friends that you can lean on to jazz up that leftover rice or whip up a meal on that weeknight in a flash while the kids have their pre-dinner showers. Contains:

1 x Tandoori

1 x Cashew Korma

1 x Coastal Curry

1 x Indian Everyday

1 x Spinach Saagwala

The Tandoori and Cashew Korma are great for meal prep and you can marinade up to 1.5kg of protein with each of our jars! Simply cook the protein and use everyday in your salads, soups and sandwiches. Our Coastal Curry is great for that evening where you want a hug in a bowl but cannot be bothered cooking!

The Indian Everyday will help jazz up your leftovers and our Spinach Saagwala is the best way to enjoy your greens.

What will you cook with your Monthly Curry Fix?

Customer Reviews

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Cathryn P

Superb flavour, loved the tips on jar. Looking forward to trying them all.

Charmaine Dlima
Life and tummy savers

A big thank you to you for your delicious and hygienically prepared Masala pastes ! We are enjoying the convenience of the well prepared pastes as well as the deliciousness of the flavours. So handy to have in the pantry ! Thank you to you and your family. The photo attached is not the best but the flavours and taste were certainly the best !